By Kate Stevenson – Executive Producer 3AW Breakfast and co-host of ‘A Moveable Feast’ 3AW & Channel 7. 

Comfort Food is a new offering from Diamond Celebrations that provides the convenience of home-style cooking delivered to your door. Nourishing and generous, Diamond Celebrations Comfort Food comes ready to eat and is available in four size options: Comfort Food for One, Comfort Food for Two, Comfort Food for a Family or Comfort Food À La Carte.

As a professional “foodie”, we thought Kate Stevenson, executive producer of 3AW’s breakfast program and co-host of ‘A Moveable Feast’ on 3AW and channel 7 was the best person to sample and review our latest offering from Diamond Celebrations; Comfort Food for Two. Here is Kate’s week in review.


It all starts with a knock on the door, and there on the doorstep is Ilona from Diamond Celebrations. Immaculately dressed, with a   smile on her face, and a big cooler bag full of goodies. “The instructions are all in there, enjoy”, she says. I think I will...


We already had some fresh fish in the fridge to cook Monday night, but I did pair it with the Diamond Celebrations Garden Salad. Big, crisp and fresh – with tomatoes, radish, fennel, and a lovely tangy dressing, it’s a nice start.

The Apple and Berry crumbles were never going to last long in the fridge, and low and behold they didn’t make it past the first night. It didn’t. Crumble is without a doubt my favourite dessert, and this one did not disappoint. Both sweet and tart, with apples, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries; we heated it up in a warm oven for ten minutes or so. Just as I was thinking a little cream wouldn’t go astray,  there it was in the box.

Night. Made.


I tried the Chicken and Vegetable soup for lunch.

I know it’s strange, but I often say I’m not much of a ‘soup person’.  It can be a bit same-ish, so it’s usually got to be full of punch for me.

This is that homely, warming soup that I’d usually say I don’t like. And I loved it. How do you get so much goodness in a bowl?

I think I finally understand why people say how wholesomely good chicken soup is – this stuff is just magic.


We break out the Malaysian Beef Curry, I usually try to save the best until last – but tonight I’m feeling foolhardy!

I can’t help assuming that these guys probably have to cater to a pretty diverse crowd, so I’m assuming it’ll be lacking the chilli kick that I’d love. Never assume.

This is a gorgeous, authentic, rich and sufficiently spicy beef curry. The meat is just fall-apart right, there’s plenty of sauce packed with all the right spices (think garlic, ginger chilli, cumin, coriander, nutmeg and cinnamon for a start), chunks of chat potato, coconut milk, and a healthy serve of rice.

This is a cracker, and be warned – it is a generous serve.


It’s minestrone for lunch, and it’s perfect for this cool day. I do try to avoid the carbs, so I’m pretty pleased it’s not full of pasta. The goodness comes from the fresh vegetables, the herbs, and the hearty beans. It’s a meal in a bowl.

For dinner, we stick with the international choices and pull out the Lamb Tagine with Couscous. I love Moroccan cuisine, that lovely balance of sweet and savoury, with surprising textures. Here there’s the tender lamb, with sweetness from sweet potato, carrots, prunes and orange zest. There’s an array of spices, some crunch from the almonds, and the soft fluffy couscous. Love it.

Given we’ve already worked up a sweet tooth, we decide to finish with the Date & Walnut loaf. Brilliant. I decide to pop mine in the microwave for thirty seconds, and slather it with the included butter. It’s the right decision.


Friday brought the surprise packet, the rather reliable-sounding “Chicken Casserole”. Reliable? Sure. Delicious? Absolutely.

I thought the other-half was going to steal mine. Such a gorgeous winter meal, this is comfort food at its best.

Slow-cooked chicken in a white wine and herb sauce. Plenty of garlic; mushrooms, leek, onion, and carrot; thyme and mixed herbs; on a bed of beautiful buttery mashed potato. This was no mere casserole, this was a hug on a plate.

What a way to finish the week.


I suppose I came into this with no real expectations, just the knowledge that Diamond Celebrations are trying to deliver comfort food for those who need it. We’re living through some pretty extraordinary times. Many of us are away from our families and loved ones. Some of us aren’t feeling the best. And a lot of us are looking for ways to care for the people we can’t be close to right now – and I can heartily say that sending them a Diamond Celebrations Comfort Food Pack would be a pretty lovely way to do it. 

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"Your food is so good and such a treat to have a healthy meal that I haven't cooked. There was more in the bag than I expected. We felt very spoilt and grateful."

Fiona W.

"Just a quick note to say thank you and well done on the single comfort pack you delivered to my mother. She loved all the meals. I hope you intend to continue this service going forward as I would love to order this again. The presentation and packaging was first rate & value for money."

Glenys L.

"The food is amazing, even my partner, who adds salt to everything, didn’t! Lamb Tagine was fantastic!"

Jess B.

“Thank you for the 
awesome food hampers.... 
Your food looks delicious 
and I’m sure we will enjoy 
the selection you’ve 
put together for us.” 

Devi C.

“Thank you so much for 
delivering our awesome 
Comfort Food packs. 
What a bounty!!”


“Our pack has just been 
delivered and I am 
lost for words....
The food looks and 
sounds delicious.”

Linda R.